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The Spirit & Soul Healing Podcast shares a combination of solo casts, guest interviews, channeled messages, energy healing sessions, and light-working conversations amongst intuitives, energy therapists and healers.

Amy Sikarskie, explores the connection between spirit, soul, and the human experience. She brings years of experience in the healing arts through for community members to explore, be inspired by and utilize in their healing and energetic health. 

Topics include the clair senses, chakras and aura, past lives, energy healing, starseed and lightworker missions, angels and spirit guides, navigating life and more. 

Latest Episodes

Forbidden Love & Knight in Shining Armor – Jennie's Past Life Healing Session Spirit & Soul Healing Podcast

Transformational Healing Retreats with Amy & Theresa Click Here for Details

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Enjoy the podcast?  Please leave a 5 star review on your listening platform. When you leave a review you will be entered to win a 30 minute reading or energy healing session. You are can also receive a chakra clearing meditation. To be sure that I can contact you,  send a screen shot of your review to me at with your name as it appears on your review. 

Healing Presence


"It’s not just a podcast, it’s an experience."

Lavender Love 💜 Apple Podcast

Spiritual Guidance 101!!!


"Amy is such an amazing spiritual teacher and guide! I love her You tube channel, spirit school website and her books all are so well done. She has so much information that she is sharing for all of us who are wanting to learn about channeling, Clair gifts / skills, chakras, star beings and the spiritual life. Her voice is so soothing to listen to, it’s very exciting she has a podcast now!!"

Pril77 via Apple Podcasts 

Podcast Host

Amy Sikarskie is the host of the Spirit & Soul Healing podcast. She is an internationally recognized energy therapist, intuitive channel, healer’s healer and mentor.

She is a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Master Energy Therapist, Clairvoyant Spirit Communicator, Physical Channel, and Certified Past Life Hypnotherapist.

Every Episode Feels Like a Gift


"I’ve found Amy’s healing work to be life changing, and I’m so grateful that in addition to private energy healing and other in-person and remote sessions, she also offers this podcast to the public. Every episode feels like a gift. I learn something each time I listen, and the energy that comes through is both loving and comforting as well as powerful. I also really appreciate the episodes where Amy shares actual energy healing sessions she has given, because they allowed me and others (friends, family members) to get a feel for what her sessions are like before we booked them ourselves."

coloweather via Apple Podcasts

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